Depth psychology focuses on making deep and lasting changes by helping you to understand the dynamics that are just outside of awareness through dream-work, somatic experiencing and relational exploration. While other work is focused more exculsively on healing, this work is focused more on healing and growth.


Dream Work

Dreams might seem meaningless, but actually our brains are meaning-making machines. Therefore, the things we dream are highly reflective of the things we experience and need in our daily lives. Understanding dreams, especially nightmares, are key to understanding our innermost workings.

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RElational exploration

The therapy relationship helps you to understand how you function in relationship to others. If you find yourself often angry at your therapist, or often impatient, or often wishing s/he would take over responsibility for your life, these are important clues to the patterns you use to function in relationshipes more generally. By working with the therapeutic relationship, you can learn how to relate to others in a way that is more fulfilling and meaningful.



By connecting with the body, you can connect with memories that might not have been accessible through conscious awareness. A trained healer can help you to relate to these sensations in a safe an contained manner.