Therapy is not inexpensive.  That being said, it might be one of the most important investments that you will make in your lifetime.  Peope find that effective psychotherapy can help them to function better in relationships, in the community and in the workplace.  Adolescents do better in school, make more prosocial relationships, and get along better within their families.  Many adults find that they are able to perform at a higher level (and sometimes earn more) when they are not weighed down by emotional baggage and feel more comfortable asking for what they desrive in the workplace.  

I do not contract directly with insurance companies because they place strict limits amount and type of treatment, strictly limit my own compensation and require diagnostic labels that I often do not feel are appropriate.  However, you are free to seek any reimbursement that you wish and I will provide all of the paperwork needed in order to do so.  Because I am not an in-network provider, your insurance company cannot impose limits on the amount and type of treatment you deserve.

My fee includes our fifty-minute session as well as, if you wish, on-going communication with psychiatrists, primary care physicians, dietitians and schools.  If you are unsure of what reimbursement your insurance company might offer, contact them and ask for "out of network benifits for mental health".  Most insurance companies will not guarantee coverage until you submit your claim, but many are willing to give you some sense of what percentage they typically reimburse.  

 If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via telephone or email by clicking on this link.    


I find that I provide the best care when I am able to work with your other healthcare providers.  At the same time, I am acutely aware that there is an unfortunate stigma surrounding mental health treatment and take confidentiality concerns extremely seriously. I will only ever disclose information regarding your status as my patient in the following situations:

  • You expressly give me written permission (i.e., talking with your doctors or insurance providers)
  • I am ordered to as part of a court proceeding (this is an extremely rare occurrence within the field)
  • You tell me that you are planning to kill yourself or another person  (not just thinking about it)
  • A child, elder or other vulnerable adult is being abused

All information I may provide about your care in these limited situations is kept to the absolute minimum necessary to meet a specific purpose. Furthermore, I will always tell you prior to any disclosure and discuss any ramifications to you and your care. I work with a variety of people from numerous professional backgrounds and thus am very happy to discuss with you the nature and bounds of confidentiality protection.  If you have further questions about fees, please feel free to contact me via telephone or email me by clicking on this link.