Mental Health Awareness Week

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, a week chosen by the National Alliance on Mental Illness to promotes awareness about mental health.  Some important issues affecting mental health are listed below; please click each link for more information.

Anxiety:  feeling worried, tense, and irritable much of the time

Depression:  feeling lethargic, worthless, or down much of the time

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  feeling hypervigilant, numb, &/or suffering flashbacks in response to a discrete trauma

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  feeling chronically hypervigilant, impulsive, numb or empty in response to repeated trauma such as emotional or physical neglect or abuse

Eating Disorders:  being preoccupied with food and weight, patterns of not eating enough, eating too much, or oscillating between the two

Panick Attacks/Panic Disorder:  sudden periods of acute, very intense anxiety

Screening instruments for these and other mental health issues can be found here.

But let's not forget the other important piece of mental wellness.  It's not just about being free of a diagnosable mental health condition (especially as there is a great deal of controversy surrounding our current diagnostic system).  

It's about being well:  Cultivating peace of mind, enhancing vitality, creating satisfying and meaningful relationships with others and yourself.  It's about being able to work, love and play.  Being free from fear and constant self-recrimination.  Being comfortable in your skin.  Feeling free.

Everybody has a mind, and mental health is about everybody.