5 Reasons to Seek Premarital Counseling

1.  You are getting married.  

That's right, that's enough right there.  You are about to smash together two completely separate lives, and there will inevitably be places where they don't go together easily.  How much better it is to prepare for this completely, 100% predictable outcome, whether it would mean complete acrimony or just a cringe and a shudder every time he puts the toilet paper roll the wrong way (for the REST OF YOUR LIFE)  than to get blindsided by big and little problems when you have bills to pay and kids to raise?  

2.  You need an external perspective.

If you're getting married, you are likely in love.  Love is associated with a neurochemical called oxytocin, which literally makes us think less clearly.  There may be potential (preventable) issues within your relationship that, because you are so very deeply in love, you and your partner have difficulty seeing.  An objective professional can point out and help you plan for these small problems, so that they don't turn into big ones later on.

3.  Crossing your T's and dotting your I's

You need to make sure you discuss the big issues, like whether or not you want children and how you plan to handle finances, before tying the knot.  A trained professional can walk you through the nuances of those issues as well, and help you look at questions like how would you like to approach discipline and how important financial autonomy is  to you.  

4.  Buffering against the stress of wedding planning

Wedding planning is extremely stressful in its own right, with a million different decisions and logistical issues to deal with.  On top of this, it also often becomes the grounds on which the dynamics of both families get played out.  Parents or either partner can be over-involved, or under-involved, perfectionism may get triggered, or you may find yourselves arguing over unimportant details.  Dealing with these issues effectively will provide the foundation for a strong and healthy marriage.

5.  Divorce prevention

Couples that engage in premarital counseling are 30% more likely to have a successful marriage, according to a huge meta-analytic study in 2003.  An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure.

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